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A diamond is an allotrope of carbon which is the hardest natural material and the most thermally conductive. They posses exceptional optical characteristics due to their rigid lattice (which allows for long lasting effects of polishing) high refractive index and high optical dispersion. Diamonds have a density of 3.52 g/cm3 and are a 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, i.e. the hardest.

In the above mentioned title providing the genesis of the diamond is unnecessary, as using the term in itself means that the stone is a natural diamond.

Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds are manufactured in laboratories and not mined. They are a synthetic reproduction of a diamond with the same optical and physical properties. Due to high demand for industrial rough diamonds they have been manufactured using different processes for over fifty years. Over the past few years advances have been made in techniques and now synthetic diamonds of larger sizes are produced for gemological use.

It is forbidden by law to use the term \"diamond\" without additional terms to describe synthetic diamonds i.e. which have been formed in full or partially with the influence of man, regardless of base materials and/ or used method. All such products must be called \"synthetic diamonds\".

Enhanced Diamonds

A number of specific physical and chemical treatments can be executed on both natural and synthetic diamonds which are more often than not cut and polished, in order to enhance a number of characteristics. Among these are sealant used to fill cracks, laser removal of inclusions in the gem, a number of treatments to elevate colour grading of white diamonds and treatments aimed at affording a white diamond with a fancy colour. Diamonds can also be coated.

Our company has existed since 2001. We are a member of The Society of Jewellery Specialists ( Poland), the HRD Graduates Club, Antwerp (HRD Antwerp - Diamond High Council Antwerp), and the Gemological Institute Of America ( GIA).
We also have a specialist who is a holder of the following Certifications - Certified Diamond Grader HRD in Antwerp as well as a Diamond Essentials Certificate (GIA).
Our laboratory is equipped with a professional HRD High Diamond Council microscope - one of three in Poland. We also use the highest quality PRESIDIUM specialist equipment - our supplier is the renowned RUBIN & SON firm which deals in supplying worldwide companies dealing in the diamond industry. In order to be up to date in the ever evolving diamond industry concerning diamond clarity and colour modification, we are ever increasing our knowledge and qualifications and attending seminars of the most important gemological institutes in Europe ( HRD, IGI) and USA ( GIA).

Diamonds Fot You - About Us

Our company was started in 2001. We are member of the HRD Antwerp Graduates Club ( Hoge Raad voor de Diamant/ Diamond High Council) as well as part of the GIA Alumini Association ( Gemological Istitute of America).
In 2011 alone, our personnel have attended five of the most important educational courses - according to the owner of RAPAPORT GROUP, the company which dictates diamond prices worldwide, Mr Martin Rapaport ( whom we had the great pleasure of meeting) - in the most notable gemological institutes in Europe and the USA:

  • GIA ( Gemological Istutute of America)
  • IGI ( International Gemological Institute)
  • HRD ( Raad voor de Diamant/ Diamond High Council), Antwerp
  • Our certificates include:
  • HRD ' Certified Diamond Grader'
  • HRD ' Fancy Coloured Diamonds Workshop'
  • GIA 'Diamond Essentials'
  • GIA Diamond Grading Lab Class
  • IGI ' Polished Diamonds Grader'
  • SRJ ' Qualified Diamond Salesperson'

Diamonds For You - Our Offer

Diamonds on offer by our company are set in the highest quality 14 carat (0,585) white and yellow gold. Our offer is made up of
Enagement Rings with Diamonds
Rings with Diamonds
Collectors' Diamonds
Investment Diamonds
Our company imports diamonds and offers high quality diamonds at the lowest possible prices. Our Diamonds are available in the Round Brilliant Cut as well as a wide array of Fantasy Cuts.

  • Pear
  • Heart
  • Oval
  • Marquise
  • Emerald
  • Princess
  • Radiant ( Octagonal)
  • Cushion
  • Trilliant ( comming soon)

The design of our diamond rings is simple and classy, our aim being to exhibit the beauty of the diamond, rather than presenting complicated rings compossed from numerous tiny stones, thus seeming more expensive than it is in reality. We give our customers the ability to obtain beautiful, rare, coloured diamond rings at attainable prices.